This months event at the Liverpool Art and Design Academy was another success, with some new faces to add to the mix and people making progress with their individual and group projects.

The Makerbot Cupcake 3D Printer that some of the group have been building in particular has made significant progress and it’s hoped that it could reach completion at the next session (April 20th) Neil Winterburn and Ross DalzielĀ  had a blimp floating around the room as they explored options for their Flunstellars project. Andy Freeney assembled and soldered together a Wave Shield for his Arduino, which will allow him to play .wav files from it’s memory card and Chris Nolan from FACT showed off some of the work he mentioned at the last event retrofitting obsolete technology with Arduino driven technology to give new life housed in the iconic shells, in this case an old rotary phone. Once again people who have never done any electronics before we able to build and program their first circuit boards using the ARDX kits on hand for experimenting with.

We also had our youngest visitor so far, Finley who is 9.

And I no doubt missed off some activities, so feel free to add a comment to point out anything else that deserves a mention.

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Paul Freeman

Freelance software developer based in Liverpool.

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