It appears that Maker Night is once again almost upon us, and so thought it best to remind everyone following the blog/feed so that they can make arrangements.  This Wednesday will be the 16th of March, and as per usual it is 6.30 at the Liverpool Art and Design Academy on Duckinfield St.

Carrying on from last time will be the Cupcake build (instructions here) as well as other projects that were started at the February meeting – blimp, beehive etc, but we’ll also be holding the one minute pitches at the start of the meeting should anybody want to try and elicit help/interest from those present.

Anybody coming for the first time might want to find Adrian (@amcewen) who will happily give you an intro to using an Arduino, or if you are more interested in digital fabrication he can point you in the right direction.

See you Wednesday!

Update: It looks like the laser cutter will be unavailable this month, hopefully back up and running next month – but there will still be plenty going on so do come along.



Ross is a helperer at Maker Night and a member of DoES Liverpool.

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  1. Once again I’ve got lots on when a Maker Night swings around, and so won’t be able to make it this time. If it’s running on or around April 13th then I should be along (current bookings mean I should be free that night).

    In other news, I went to an Arduino course held at Omnversity on Saturday, so now have a little Arduino kit and am playing around with that. Will be doing some reading, playing, tinkering and learning over the next few weeks (and some buying! I think I need more bits).

  2. I’ll definitely be at this one ; )

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