April’s Maker Night at the Art and Design Academy was another huge turn out, with still more faces joining the crowd which is always great to see.

Two announcements from the night, firstly the Art and Design Academy needs to introduce a small charge for the use of the laser cutting facilities of 60 pence per minute which covers the cost of the consumable elements within the cutters mechanics. – If you haven’t done any laser cutting before and wondering how that adds  up, unless you’re doing something really complicated most cuts I’ve seen complete in a minute or two.

From May, Maker Night moves to the 2nd Wednesday of the month which means that the May event will be on the Wednesday 11th of May.

In the show and tell section of the night Mycroft Milverton gave a demonstration of this Radio Arduino, which converts an old radio into a digital device making use of a Wave Shield. There is a video of the finished device over on YouTube and it will be part of an upcoming exhibit at Edge Hill’s Metal Art’s Center.

More progress was made constructing the MakerBot CupCake which now looks the part with all the large sections pretty much in place, there is a rumour it might be completed at the May Maker Night (Though I might have just started this rumour now) with Ross Jones and Andy Freeney among those aiding in the construction.

Adrian McEwen ran his introduction to Arduino and The Internet of Things once again for a handful of newcomers and people were let loose on the ARDX starter kits to try their hand at the projects there. (Remember if you’d like to have a go with our Arduino kits you’ll need to bring along your own laptop but we’ll supply all the parts to let you explore the Arduino at your own pace)

Other projects people worked on at the night include Andy Goodwin building his own 3D scanner, Nicola planning to build her own Arduino powered hamster food feeder, and Dan wanting to combine motion control with a time-lapse camera to produce time-lapse sequences that shift perspective over time.

We also had some old circuits donated by Sam Freeman, which a few of us had a go at de-soldering components from and a couple of pieces were given new homes.

And that’s just the stuff I can remember! If I missed anything, or you’d like to have links to more information about your projects included let me know, if you’d like to write a post or two about your project to share it with the world we can give you space here too.

Paul Freeman

Freelance software developer based in Liverpool.

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  1. I think you mean Wednesday 9th May rather than the 11th.

    • Well, we would if we were talking about this year (2012), and you’re right, Wednesday 9th May 2012 is the date for the next Maker Night, however the one here is from last year – 2011 – when it was on that date :-)

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