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Maker Night at the Art and Design Academy (ADA) has been really successful since we started holding it there back in January. The Maker Night event was actually born out of an existing gathering of people with interest in technology who had been meeting every month in various pubs and were really hoping to find a more permanent home. When the great people at LJMU and  the ADA offered us their workshop space we jumped at the chance of having a more permanent space and the group has grown hugely and the events have been really popular. With the success of the Maker Nights we have wanted to find a way to extend this and create somewhere that people can visit any time to work, to learn and to build successful businesses.

To enable this we have registered DoES Liverpool as a Community Interest Company and are happy to announce that we’ve found our first home. We introduced DoES Liverpool CIC last night at GeekUp Liverpool and discussed the space that we’re setting up. The slides from that presentation can be found here:

Or download the PDF here: Introducing DoES Liverpool

The aim of the space is to further grow and support the community of people interested and involved in technology that has been building over the past few years in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. We also aim to help small businesses and start-ups by creating a space within which they can work, network and build up a business. Perhaps a loftier aim of DoES is to make Liverpool great again.

In just over a week we aim to be moving into our new home in the Gostins Building on Hanover Street in central Liverpool. The facilities that we can offer in our space will grow as the community grows, and will be directed by the community, but from the beginning we will be offering three main services: co-working desks available on a monthly basis, access to a workshop and flexible hot desks. For our monthly desks we’ll be offering a desk plus drawers and should be offering some privacy by having the option of taking the desk in a smaller lockable office. In our workshop we will have work surfaces, electricity and internet. We’ll also have a variety of tools and equipment provided by us, the organisers, which will hopefully grow as more people join the community.

We’re also intending to allow community groups to use the workshop space for meetings. We’re still figuring out how that will work but if you need a space then get in touch and we’ll work things out, and we do aim to have free options available for that.

Here’s the prices that we’re going to be charging:

Co-working desk: £150/month (includes full workshop access)
Workshop access: £30/month
Hot-desk: £8/day
Events space: ASK

DoES Liverpool CIC is not VAT registered.

So if you think you might be interested then please get in touch with us, either by emailing hello <AT> or contacting us on twitter. We’d really like to have you join us and make this a great space and a fun community to be part of. To finish off and whet your appetite here’s a photo of the space we’re looking to get.


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  1. Interested in contacting Mr Paul Kinlan with regard to LDP article with regard to opportunities to work together on events and sponsorship

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